Car Regulations

General Information

Cyprus now has a main motorway from Paphos to all major towns.  The infrastructure of the road systems has improved over recent years.

Speed Limits

Speed limits in Cyprus are as follows: City 30mph/50kph Open Roads 62mph/100kph

Rules of the Road

Traffic travels on the left and headlights must be used a half an hour before sunset and a half an hour before sunrise.


There are no toll roads in Cyprus.


Parking meters are found in town centers and are valid for 1 or more hours. Parking is prohibited on double yellow line painted on the curb, at all times. A single yellow line on the curb is a loading and unloading zone but still no parking. In the Paphos harbour and in the main shopping area there are large car park.


You may be heavily fined if you drive without wearing a seat belt or ride a motorbike without wearing a crash helmet.  Heavy fines also apply if you use a mobile telephone or are under the influence of alcohol while driving.